Cinco de Mayo

Well, we’ve come through Easter, and the store is 4years old as of April 4th. Thank you to all of our customers who continue to shop with us. And for those of you just finding us, welcome!

As every year, taco Thursdays are gearing up toward our annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations. We’re just over a month away, and getting ready to bring back some old favorites and new trials. As every year, we’ll have: tacos al pastor, cochinita pibil tacos, and beef cheek tacos.

Last week, we made a very delicious braised brisket taco, and we keep getting asked to bring back the jerked
Oxtail taco. A new vegetarian taco is in the works, and there has been rumors of tamales. Dessert, as always, will be tres leche cakes. Maybe Pascale from Pascales all natural ice cream will favor us with a few Mexican flavours….

So much still to work out. One thing we do know, Cinco de Mayo is on a Sunday this year, and our hours will extend to 10am until 5pm

More to come…

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February in the store

Well hello again. It’s been since Oktoberfest since we updated the blog I see. It’s been a busy time here at the piggy market.

We’ve come through Christmas, and learned the hard way that maybe we should have done plum puddings again. They’ll be back next year. Thanks to all for their support and continued patronage throughout 2012. We welcomed in 2013 with Dutch oliebollen, a tradition that we will be continuing every new years eve.

Now, onto February. We’re starting the month with two events, Super Bowl and valentines day. For Super Bowl weekend, we brought into the store lots extra of back ribs, chicken wings, and are giving 15% off all frozen sausages for Super Bowl weekend.

February 14th is Valentines day and we are taking orders for charcuterie boards. A selection of meats, cheeses and pickles with a Demi baguette, on one of our slate boards. Pre order anytime before February 12th, for a pick up on February 14th. Cost is $65.00, and you get to keep the slate ($35.95 value). Also available for desserts, Pascales ice cream, flour less dark chocolate cakes, or tres leche cakes. An all local valentines stay at home!

We’ll try to do this more often, talk to you soon!

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It’s Oktoberfest time…

A huge shoutout to Beaus’ All Natural Brewing Company, who is once again this year hosting Oktoberfest at the Vankleek hill fairgounds.  And allowing us to come out once again!  Starting this afternoon at 4pm, I believe I read somewhere that they are sold out of tickets for the weekend, and it looks like we’ll have spectacular weather this year.  I’m not going to hold my breath, because at least one day every year is rainy.

We are returning once again with the Beaus’wurst sausage, in all its glory.  We’ve expanded production this year, using three different Beaus’ Brews in our menu:

The Sausage

The Beaus’wurst has been our bestselling sausage since we started The Piggy Market, as a stall at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market.  We also premiered it at Beaus’ Oktoberfest back when it was a family affair at the brewery.  Made with Organic Tamworth Heritage breed pork from The Pickle Patch farms, The Beaus’wurst is a traditional bratwurst sausage, infused with Beaus’ LugTread lagered Ale.  The Beaus’ in the sausage is further enhanced, as the pigs are fed the spent grains from the brewery, and are rumoured to get a beer every once in a while for a hard days work!

The Mustard

Beer mustard has been a big part of The Piggy Market for a few years now, in use on our sandwiches from the deli cooler.  For Oktoberfest, we have made it with the Beaus’ Weiss O’Lantern, a spiced pumpkin wheat beer.  Further infused with onions, garlic, honey, and sweet spices, this mustard has a sweet/spicy kick to keep you going!

The ‘Kraut

Ah, Sauerkraut.  I’ve mentioned once or twice to a few people how much I dislike sauerkraut.  They’ve all in turn told me we make an exceptional one.  Using Cabbages from Rideau Pines farms, in North Gower, our ‘kraut is fermented for about 6 weeks with nothing but kosher salt.

The Pickled Peppers

Once again using produce from Rideau Pines farms, our pickled hot peppers are a mix of cherry bomb, jalapeno, Cayenne, a few Habanero, and some banana peppers.  Pickled with just cider vinegar and garlic, you don’t need many to know they’re there.

The Buns

This year marks the first year that we’ve embarked on making our own bread for Oktoberfest weekend.  Using the third of the Beaus’ brews in our menu, the buns are made with NightMarzen, Beaus’ version of the traditional Oktoberfest brew.  We ordered what we thought was enough beer, and have been scrambling to get some more to fulfill our bread requirements for the weekend.  I only drank two, I swear….


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The Weekend Report

Well, It’s been a little while since we updated what was going on in the store on a weekly basis, and I think it’s time we got back into it!

From our Butchers this weekend, we have:  Beef, from O’Brien Farms, Steaks, roasts, stewing cubes, and ground.  Lamb, from Maple Meadows in Osgoode, Shanks, Chops, Frenched Racks, Dressed Legs, and Stewing Cubes and ground.  For Pork, from Spencerville, Chops, Tenderloin, Sausages, Shoulder, Hocks, Ground and Ribs.  Tamworth Pork is here from The Pickle Patch in Vankleek Hill!  We have: Chops, Loin Roast, Side Ribs, and we will be making shishkabob.  We’ve brought in duck this weekend, and have: Breasts, Legs, Stock, Rendered Fat, and whole duck.

From our bakers: Our usual line up of breads, including Baguettes, Kichessippi beer, Honey Buttermilk, and Sausage and Burger Buns.  Friday and Saturday, Struan bread as well.  Pies for the weekend are House Made Lemon Meringue and Apple Raspberry.  Scones continue to be Cheddar Chive and Strawberry Sour cream.  Two flavours of rice pudding are in the store, Cinnamon Spice, and Chocolate Raspberry. 

From our Candlestick Makers: Just kidding, we don’t have a candlestick maker!



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Full on summer

Well, it looks like we’re full into summer. Steak season extraordinaire. One of my personal favorites for a backyard summer BBQ is a gorgeous t-bone, from o’Brien farms, with grilled corn on the cob, and a nice heaping bowl of guacamole.

For steaks, I always salt the meat about an hour before I cook, and let it come up to room temperature so as not to shock the steaks once they go on the grill.

Grilled corn is probably one of my favorites of the summer, and is even better over a campfire. Buy fresh corn on the cob, and soak it for an hour in water. Drain, and cook right in the husk over a medium heat for about ten minutes. Once cooked, unhusk, butter, a little fleur de sel, and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Guacamole, while not exactly local, goes absolutely wonderful with grilled meats, and a lot of the non avocado parts can be procured at the farmers market. All you really need for a good guac is avocado, lime, onion, garlic, cilantro, and salt. If you want to be a little more colorful about it, add some diced field or cherry tomatoes for color.

This summer is breeding it’s own particular set of problems. With the high heat and the low rainfall, a lot of farmers are buying water for irrigation. Corn is few and far between, some crops are really short season right now, and we are seeing price increases as the costs increase. This won’t end with the end of produce season, as meat producers are relying on corn and hay crops that are failing.

On a positive note, local chili peppers are thriving in the heat, tomatoes are full of flavor, and as a whole in Canada we seem to be supporting our local food systems more and more. Enjoy the summer, the steaks, and pray for rain (overnight rain, of course)!

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A week with Asparagus

The local growing season has arrived, and with it, loads and loads of asparagus.  Throughout the summer, you’ll find in the store fresh local produce from Rideau Pines farm, in North Gower.

The asparagus has been selling faster than we can keep up, but we have managed to enjoy a bit of it ourselves.  The first thing I did, was grill some with Sirloin steaks for dinner on one of our gorgeous 28 degree days.  The next day, an asparagus and dried chanterelle risotto.  Day number three brought eggs, asparagus, and creole spiced roasted potatoes.

Meanwhile, at the store, we included roasted asparagus on our lunch sandwich menu, and made cream of asparagus and lovage soup.

Asparagus and chicken stir fry was next, with kefir infused rice, followed by a second asparagus risotto.  The next day was beautiful for a bbq again, so on with the beef brochettes and more grilled asparagus.  Day number seven, I brought some cheese and sliced meats home, and sauteed and cooled some asparagus, salted it, and sat down to a charcuterie board.

We have about a week and a half left of local asparagus, and then its gone for another year.  Luckily, garlic scapes, lettuces, snow peas and strawberries are right around the corner.

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The next four weeks…

From March 16th, Until April 9th, there are so many things going on in the store.  Let’s start with the weekend coming up:

March 16th – 18th, St. Paddy’s Day weekend.  Our Irish stew, with a local twist.  Using Dan O’Brien’s beef, and Kichesippi brewery Wuchak Black beer, with parsnip, celery root, turnip, potatoes, and carrots.  The stew will be available for lunch, with a soda bread bun, or for take home.

From March 16th until the end of the month, we will be in transition from Winter to Spring/Summer!  As a result, we want to clear out our freezer of all stews and pasta sauces.  Any of these items out of the freezer will be 15% off, and make great easy dinners!  As of today, availability is: Pork and Vegetable Stew, Amatriciana Pasta Sauce, Turkey Vegetable Stew, Pork and Kidney bean Stew, Beef Chili, Beef Short Rib with Black Bean Ragout, Fully Cooked Pot Roasts, and maybe a few others…

April 4th: Is our three year Anniversary!

April 6th: The store will be CLOSED for Good Friday.

April 7th – 9th: Easter Weekend.  Special hours apply, and will be posted on our website.  We are getting in Lambs, Hams, Aged Prime Rib, making Hot Cross Buns, taking Bread orders, Charcuterie Boards, Cheesecakes, Creme Caramels, and a whole lot more!  Give us a call to order.

I think that’s all for now, but I may have forgot something.  Be sure to check our twitter account for daily updates, @thepiggymarket


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